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校园安全小贴士 | Campus Safety & Security Tips

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When you start to study in SYUCT, adjust to local customs and abide by Chinese laws and regulations as well as university’s regulations and disciplines are indispensable. This tip will guide you with some reference cases and helpful ideas on your safety.






Traffic accidents have the highest proportion of all the accidents we dealed with. High-power motorcycles are forbidden on campus. When buying an electric scooter, please sign it at local police station. When driving an electric scooter, please pay attention to the speed and obey the traffic rules. If your bicycle is stolen, please report to the campus security department. If your lost bicycle is found on campus, please contact relevant staff members in security department for help. Do not resort to violent methods like lock picking or lock breaking to retrieve it in case of unnecessary trouble from misunderstandings.



Case: In July, 2017, an international student who was seeking master degree and with scholarship sponsored, got knocked when drove a scooter and caused skull broken, asphyxiation and lung infection. He was rescued in ICU for 2 weeks.






Please restrain from uncontrolled drinking which is regarded in Chinese culture as an unwise, senseless and immature behavior.



Case: In December 2014, an international student who was seeking master degree, was detained by police and sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment in China due to beat someone in the bar after drinking.






Having an organized daily routine will help you to improve your learning performance in China, to integrate into Chinese society, and avoid disturbing others. During your study in SISU, we suggest that please return to the dormitory before 10 p.m if you live in our dormitory, and try to avoid stay out all night. 






Always lock your door - even during short naps or when you are just down the hall. Don't keep large sums of cash in your room. Report broken windows, door latches or lights to residence hall staff so repairs can be made quickly.



Case: In May 2015, an international student lost over $1,000 in her room due to leave her door open frequently. 






Regulations for International Students provides that international students shall not obtain employment or be engaged in business or any commercial activities during the study period in China.Foreigners who work illegally shall be fined no less than 5000RMB and no more than 20000 RMB; under serious circumstances, the violators shall be detained for no less than 5 days but no more than 15 days, in addition, be fined from 5000RMB up to 20000 RMB. 



Case:  In March, 2019, 2 international students were summoned by Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration for illegal employment and fined and admonished repectively.







Drug abuse is a serious illegal act in China. Smuggling, trafficking, transportation and manufacturing of drugs are serious criminal acts. In China, marijuana, opium, heroin, methamphetamine (ICE), morphine and cocaine etc. are all illegal drugs. Do not engage in any drug-related acts, violators will be severely punished.



Case: In January 2019, an international student was administrative detained, ordered to drop out of school and deported for smoking marijuana.








Shenyang is a city with a population of 8,000,000. Please be careful and keep an eye on your personal belongings (e.g. purse,cellphone) in areas crowded with people, i.e. the downtown, scenic spots and bus / metro / railway stations crowded with people. Beware of pick pockets. Place wallets in front pockets and carry a purse that has a secure, strong strap. Beware of loud commotions that may be staged distractions for pick-pocketing. During the holidays, please avoid going to places with huge passenger flow and avoid safety accidents.







Electrical products, portable heaters, and cooking equipment are the source of many dorm fires. Keep combustibles away from heat sources and don't overload electrical outlets, extension cords, and power strips. High-power electric appliances, such as immersion heater, electric kettle and heater etc. are strictly forbidden in dormitories.



Case: In September 2017, an international student overcharged his scooter battery in his dormitory and caused a fire disaster.






If you go traveling, please have a company of your friend(s) and avoid making friends with strangers indiscriminately. Apart from taking good care of your personal belongings, stow your credentials carefully. If you get them lost, please immediately go to the local police station to report which could later on be used as a proof to renew your credentials and visa. Before leaving, close and lock all windows, close all shades / drapes and lock and bolt the entrance door. Make sure you secure or remove valuables in your home or room (i.e. jewelry, computers, electronics,etc.).






For ATM, cancel your transaction and walk away if anything seems suspicious. Please make a phone call to the related bank immediately if anything goes wrong with the ATM. The phone number of the bank could be easily found on the ATM.Protect yourself from scams. Never give out your personal account information over the phone to an unknown caller who initiates the call. Hang up and contact us with any questions. Never disclose any card information or mobile verification code to unidentified callers.



Case: In November, 2014, a PhD student in Shanghai received a scam phone call professing his involvement in a major economic crime and asking him to transfer his deposit to an allegedly safe account. Out of fear, the student remitted the money via ATM upon request, only to be swindled out of CNY 62000.


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